Where do I start?

Poverty coverage isn’t just about “poor people” anymore.

The economic crisis is a big story, and covering all the local problems might seem overwhelming.

This site will help you with reporting on four topics that address these questions:

  • How is wealth and income distributed in my community?
  • How well are nonprofits serving local people in need?
  • Does charitable giving and philanthropy address problems in my community?
  • Has federal economic development money put local people to work?

You might want to start with the oldest posts. Each topic began with a post about why you should cover this issue, and another post about how to measure the opportunity to cover this issue in your local market area.

Each post after those two develops the topics with a specific question to answer, or a tool you might want to use. Reporters share their experiences as they develop stories.

We pay special attention to finding and using data, as a way to understand these topics, form questions, and find sources.

Posts are categorized according to the four topics. “Tips and Tools” offers general practical advice. You can also find posts using the tag cloud.

For recent stories, reports and short tips related to the topics, check the curated feeds “Noteworthy” and “OnPoverty” in the right-hand sidebar.

Resource links in the right-hand sidebar are grouped by the four topic categories. There are also groups of links for General Resources and for links specific to Georgia.


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